Creating My Dream Job


I read somewhere that my dream job does not exist; I must go out there and create it. I recall reading that quote and thinking it seemed awfully complicated. Wouldn’t it be simpler to follow some sort of path – work hard, get promoted, keep going? Yesterday was my last day at work. I recently quit, and I did so because the corporate ladder people typically adhere to just does not go with me. This is not to say I am entitled to anything; I do not think or feel I am. On the contrary, this means I will have to work even harder to accomplish my goals.

Have you ever stopped and consider what is your dream job? Are you willing to choose your own path, even if it is paved with uncertainty? My dream is to become an author, travel the world on book tours and handle my own publicity, be my own PR woman. Casting all fears aside – what is your dream job? Don’t be afraid! Go on, create it!

  • emily

    That sounds like the perfect dream job! Once upon a time, that’s what I wanted to do with my life, too… I wish I could find that again, but your inspiration has helped me focus on my dreams and what truly matters. Thank you for that, G!

    Also, what types of books do you want to write?

    xxoo – E

    • Geraldine

      Em, thank you for your lovely words and thank you for reading my blog. I never get tired of saying this – knowing that I inspire others continues to inspire me. Inspiration is a funny thing; sometimes it surrounds you, while other times you have to go out there and look for it. Don’t hesitate to indulge in the works of authors who inspire you! Don’t give up! I know there comes a time when responsibility and reality are stronger than dreams, but I believe you’re in a place to pursue what truly makes you happy.

      As for the kind of book I’d like to write, I’ve always had a novel in mind. But I’m also open to other possibilities. Inspiration has a way of taking whichever form it sees fit. I hope you’ll read my book, and I also hope one day you’ll write your very own, if that’s part of your dreams. :)

  • Shelley

    I love this, I quit my job last weekend to pursue my dreams- after being so miserable of long hours and unsatisfactory pay, I’m taking a risk. I figured I would be happier if trying even harder to achieve my goals rather than setting for a bad job, if we are happy we are in a much more positive position! Good luck with creating your dream job, don’t ever give up on what makes your soul smile. xoxo

    • Geraldine

      Congratulations, Shelley! I imagine it wasn’t an easy decision to make. Best of luck to you.

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