Why Are Writers Prone To Depression?


After watching Black Butterflies, a film depicting the life of South African poet Ingrid Jonker, I found myself contemplating the question that often arises once I’ve watched a film such as this: Why are writers prone to depression? 

It was this very question that led me to the Ted Talks speech Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love (my serendipitous sign the day I quit my job) gave in 2009.

In her speech (featured below), Gilbert shares the pressures writers face, addressing questions like: “Aren’t you worried your work will never sell?” When an artist finally succeeds, questions shift over to: “Do you think you’ll ever top your best work?”  [Read more...]

A Hectic Week Thus Far And The Realization That Freelancing Is Liberating

Busy Woman

Man, I can’t believe it’s only Wednesday! I’m not saying this to complain, but to express how proud I am of all my hard work. For the past few weeks, I’ve been struggling to acquire a sense of direction. When I decided to freelance, I was very optimistic and though I tried my best to also remain realistic, somewhere along the lines I started daydreaming of success, without truly understanding just how challenging the entire process would be.  [Read more...]

Public Relations Is Pushing My Freelance Writing Career


I’m using plenty of what I learned in college – from the tiny bit of Italian I recall to the public relations and advertising material I studied and practiced once I transferred to a four-year college.

As a freelancer, I’m also using what I learned while working at an advertising agency. I spent all day yesterday researching. I looked at the markets I’m interested in and the kinds of articles I want to pitch (more on that later). I read the entire 2014 Writer’s Market, which I highly recommend. Midday, it hit me all over again, what I’m working – not trying, since that’s a weak word – to do here; I am building a business.  [Read more...]

10 Writing Props To Help You Get Through Writer’s Block

Writer's Block

For many of you, Mondays are a drag. They represent the return to routine, and of course, the lingering effects of insufficient sleep. Add to that the stress that often accompanies a steady job, and you’ve got the perfect concoction for writer’s block. When I’m feeling uninspired, I read A LOT, and this in turn, sparks my creativity. But maybe you don’t have enough time to look for inspiration, so I’ve created a list of props to get you out of your funk and in the mood to write – even if it’s during your lunch break.  [Read more...]

My Obsession With Italy And What I Intend To Do About It


Perhaps it was on my sixteenth birthday cruise, or during the art class I took in college. Maybe it had to do with my wonderful Italian professor, or the movies I’ve watched. I’m not sure which film to blame: Letters To Juliet, Under The Tuscan Sun, or And While We Were Here. I can’t seem to pinpoint when my obsession with this country I’ve never been to began. All I know is that I’m not giving up on the possibility of a trip there this summer. I almost gave up on it, but I’m not. [Read more...]

Getting Published On The Huffington Post

Huffington Post

Today, my post was published on The Huffington Post, and it is currently the leading story. I received a few questions on how I made this happen, so I thought I’d address them in this post.

First, I want to clarify that The Huffington Post does not pay its bloggers. I did this in order to share my content with a bigger audience and build a greater readership. It is a wonderful way to connect with other women (my target audience) and bloggers.

Here’s a short breakdown of my experience:

I’ve been an avid reader of The Huffington Post for some time. I enjoy the voices and lifestyle verticals, especially the sections for women and travel. For the past couple of months, I visited the website frequently, reading the posts to get a sense of what kind of material I could provide and which vertical it suited best.  [Read more...]

The Kind Of Job I Want


Isn’t it strange how you pay mind to certain things, but it isn’t until someone asks a question that you consider the details? The other day, a friend of mine asked what kind of job I’m looking for. I had a tough time responding.

See, I hadn’t really stopped to consider exactly what kind of job I want. I usually open up the job search page, and know what I like when I see it.  [Read more...]

The Pros And Cons Of Working From Home

Working From Home

About five months ago, I made the brave decision to quit my job at an advertising agency to focus on writing. Before handing in my letter of resignation, I asked the universe for a sign, and that day, during my lunch break, I ran into one of my favorite writers, Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat, Pray, Love.

Flash forward a couple of months, and I’ve taken the time to explore my writing. I’ve rebranded this blog, and I’ve covered events and interviewed celebrities for LatinTRENDS Magazine. All in all, I have a deeper sense of who I am personally and professionally. It is for this reason that I’ve been able to create a short list depicting the pros and cons of working from home, just in case you’re thinking of doing the same.  [Read more...]

What Makes The Series Finale Of How I Met Your Mother Legen…wait for it…dary

HIMYM Finale

How I Met Your Mother depicts the story of Ted Mosby, a father who, in the beginning of the series, sits down to tell his children the story of how he met their mother. The mother’s identity remains a mystery through most of the show. Ted’s journey is one we can relate to. With the help of his closest friends, he makes it through the sad, disappointing and often frustrating mishaps of dating. Ted’s friends – whimsical college couple Lily and Marshall, playboy Barney and career woman Robin – are there through it all.

During the series finale, we find out that although the show’s entire final season focuses on Robin and Barney’s wedding, the two opt for a divorce. After the divorce, despite having made significant progress, Barney takes a few steps back, returning to his womanizer ways. It isn’t until an unplanned pregnancy with his 31st conquest of the month, that Barney seems to genuinely change, expressing his love for his daughter as he holds her for the first time. Robin continues to focus on her career, while her love life is seemingly nonexistent, with no hint of her dating after the divorce. Lily and Marshall have three children, and Robin falls out of the group, pointing out to Lily that they are no longer the friends who used to meet at MacLaren’s. Robin distances herself from her friends for some time, apparently coping with emotional issues, which we can only assume had to do with the divorce. Eventually, the group reunites.

Aside from the unexpected divorce, the twist in the story comes when we find out that Tracy, the mother, has been dead for six years due to an unelaborated illness. Still, Ted explains to his children that he is grateful for the hardships he endured before meeting their mother. “If I had not gone through hell to get there, the lesson might not be so clear,” he confesses.

Those invested in the show, myself included, visualized a Hollywood ending, in which Ted’s hardships are validated with a wonderful marriage and a beautiful family. We were all under the impression that How I Met Your Mother was a show about a man finding the love of his life. Perhaps we clung to that idea because it gave us hope that all we’ve gone through and all we’re going through will lead to our very own happy ending. And maybe that’s exactly what the writers wanted us to feel. [Read more...]

How Long After A Breakup Should You Wait Before Dating Again?


In a recent panel for American Idol, Jennifer Lopez revealed that she jumps from one relationship to the other because she doesn’t like to be alone. And she’s not the only one who does so. A woman I know once told me that the only way she can get over one guy is by replacing him with another. But is that really getting over the guy? How long after a breakup should you wait before dating again? Is there a valid timeframe for these things? [Read more...]